Welcome to the number online source for glass bongs, pipes and smoking accessories. Here at breed Nutrition we provide the most up to date information on buying your best bongs for the buck. We have research and gather some useful tips rather you are buying local or online that would saved you a ton of money. Our team ran a study on where to buy the cheapest bong with good quality. We looked at all the possible online stores you can find and compare them to local stores to see the difference in quality and pricing. We came to a conclusion that rather you are buying a brand name bong or a unbranded bong it doesn’t make much of a difference long as you are picking out the high quality unbranded products. The truth is most branded products in the market and make from foreign manufacturers and then gets branded once the products arrives in the U.S. So, don’t get fool by the brand and pay a million dollars for something that shouldn’t cost a fortune to make. Some of the key things you would need to look out for if your buying online is the size of the tube in mm and thickness of the tube. Most tubes are weld together in a similar process thus not much could different from there.